Rural Press Club of Victoria and Women in Media: Communicating in a digital age | AUDIO

Emma Field, Laura Poole, Lynne Smith, Emily Rayner and Julia Keady-Blanch
Emma Field, Laura Poole, Lynne Smith, Emily Rayner and Julia Keady-Blanch

Communicating in a digital age; what it means for work life balance, traditional storytelling and managing the personal versus the professional.

How do you cut through in an era soaked in storytelling? A panel of Gippsland women, experienced in telling stories through print, broadcast and social media platforms, share their experiences.

Your hosts are Walkey-award winning Weekly Times journalist Emma Field and ABC Gippsland chief of staff Laura Poole. Your panel includes experienced journalists, mentors, trainers and social change agents who have built on a career in the media, and found work, life balance in the rolling deadlines of a digital environment.

Lynne Smith: Lynne has worked in the media sector throughout her working life. After editing Gippsland‘s largest newspaper, the Latrobe Valley Express, for 12 years, and spending eight years as general manager of The Gippsland Times, Lynne is now sharing her experience as a mentor and trainer of establishing journalists.

Emily Rayner: Emily has leadership experience in the commercial radio world as well as being the highest-level female at Fairfax Media’s The Weekly Review, where she oversees the magazine’s digital print and social media channels. She’s on maternity leave with her second child, so knows all about “the juggle”.

Julia Keady-Blanch: Julia spent the first 10 years of her career working in media and has spent the last 10 years working on large-scale social change projects and developments. She leads XFACTOR, a platform that supports a ratio of work life balance that works for her, but also supports flexible employment for women around the country.

Recorded in Gippsland at joint Rural Press Club of Victoria and Women in Media event September 16, 2016.